Thursday, January 29, 2009

A funny from Taylor Rose...

The other day we were in the car talking about different blessings of the gospel. Rose asked, "How old do you have to be to get your PATRIOTIC blessing?" Bill and I laughed and then corrected her - PATRIARCHAL blessing is what you mean. It was the day before the inauguration, politics on the brain maybe?

The Beanie

I bought a beanie for Tate in anticipation for an upcoming skiing lesson. I had know idea it would stay on his head for the next 3 days straight, coming off only for bath time. One never knows the things kids will love?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sugar Bowl Champions

Can you believe it? On January 2nd the Utah Utes (#6) handily beat the Alabama Crimson Tide (#4) 31 to 17.   My husband never questioned whether we would win, the rest of us were just hoping we wouldn't embarrass ourselves.  We had a marvelous time in the Big Easy, enjoying the delicious food (especially the beignets -  a donut specialty of N.O.), listening to the various street musicians play their smooth jazz, and especially shocking the entire college football nation!!! I love college football for exactly that reason - During any given game, with the right preparation and the right opportunity, any team can beat any other team.  GO UTES!

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An Official Teenager

On New Year's Eve we celebrated Trace's 13th birthday!  I guess that makes me officially OLD.  We are so grateful to have Trace in our family.  It is so fun to watch him grow into himself and become a wonderful young man.  As far as the gifts go, it was his Dad's idea to get him an electric guitar - isn't that just what every mother wants her teenage son to have?!