Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blowing things up!

Bill took the boys out to shoot exploding targets.
Looks like the boys weren't the only ones shooting!
This video shows what happens when you mix a dishwasher and one of these
1 gallon exploding targets. Unbelievable!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Tate was thrilled to attend his first wolf den meeting. He looks so official in his uniform!

La Jolla in the Fall

We mixed it up a little this year & decided to make 2 trips to La Jolla. We had a marvelous time as usual and the weather held up pretty well, we only had 1 day of clouds. It is truly our home away from home!

It's great to be 8!

Happy Birthday Tate! We celebrated early with dinner at Texas Roadhouse - Tate's choice, he loves steak- with Grandpa & Grandma Checchio and Uncle Joey, followed by presents at home. The big hit was the foam swords from Grandpa & Grandma. A few days later on his actual birthday we had cake in La Jolla. We love you Tate!

More blood...

Is this to be expected with teenage boys? Trace came in from playing football with friends in the backyard with his nose GUSHING blood. Nurse Mom's solution, roll up 1/4 paper towels and stick them up as far as they can go... it seemed to do the trick.