Monday, September 20, 2010

Spanish Fork Half Marathon

Me & My little Sis
Me at the finish ~ 2:17 ~ 17 minutes better than my Bear Lake finish

So my CRAZY friend Stephanie & I decided to run another half marathon on September 11th. My sister Jennie, who has recently taken up triathlons, decided that she would run it with us since she would be in town for Joey's wedding. It was a cold morning, but ended up being perfect running weather. We all finished with personal bests and no walking!

Family Fun

Auntie Jennie ~ Trace ~ Bill ~ Amy ~ Auntie Lizzie
Taylor & Miles
Chris & Laurel
Joey & Hudson
Auntie Amanda ~ Andrew ~ Hudson ~ Auntie Lizzie
Grandpa & Miles


9th Grade
3rd Grade
7th Grade

We are hoping for a great school year!
Everyone is growing up so FAST!

Family Minute to Win it!

MORE PENCILS ~ I totally owned Joey!
Teams were girls vs boys.

Nephew Andrew's 1st Birthday

FABULOUS CAKE ~ made by Auntie Lizzie

We were so excited to have everyone come out for Joey & Jessica's wedding. It was perfect timing because Andrew turned 1 on September 6th. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of homemade personal pizzas and lots of laughs. Andrew enjoyed opening presents, with the help of his older cousin Miles, who yelled surprise as he presented each gift. He LOVED eating his cake and was very upset when it was taken away ~ I guess there's a little Checchio in him after all!

A running summer...literally

The finish line at Bear Lake with Stephanie in the background
A sampling of our swag from the races + my worn out running shoes
Tate's t-shirt verifying that over the summer he ran 26.2 miles=a marathon!

So this summer we did a lot of running around.
I will try to remember all that we did.
Bill's Scout Camp
Amy runs Bear Lake Half Marathon with Stephanie (2:34)
Tate's Running Group ~ every Tuesday & Thursday all summer
Trace's Scout Camp
Bill's business trip to Japan
Bill & Grandpa Checchio's fishing trip to Florida
Amy, Trace, Taylor, & Tate run the Freedom Festival 5K ~ breakfast at IHOP
Annual cul-de-sac of FIRE!
Taylor's first Girls Camp ~ which she loved!
Taylor's trip to Texas to visit her friend Elle
Trace's first EFY ~ which he loved!
Amy runs Pioneer Day Classic 10K (1:03)
Team INGRAM runs the Highland West Stake 5K ~ breakfast at Denny's
Tate's soccer camp
Team INGRAM runs the Highland Fling 5K ~ breakfast at IHOP
*Taylor takes 2nd place in her age group & Tate takes 3rd
Neighborhood day at 7Peaks Waterpark
Family adventure at Lagoon
First day of school ~ pictures on future post
17 year wedding anniversary
We had a lot of fun, playing, relaxing, and making memories. We are so BLESSED ~ seriously!

Rain Gutter Regatta

Tate participated in his first rain gutter regatta back in May (I know I'm a terrible blogger). He had a lot of fun designing and building his boat with his Dad - note the U of U colors. He raced pretty well and had a blast with his fellow cub scouts!