Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My camera was out of power...


I am afraid that the title of this blog will occur more than a few times.  Trace had his first Boy Scout Court of Honor last night and I thought great I will bring my camera and post a picture of him receiving his awards.  No such luck, out of power.  I thought I had charged the battery, but apparently I put the battery upside down in the charger.  Once again my lack of  technological knowledge haunts me. Anyway, Trace received rank advancements to First Class Scouter and received 5 merit badges (3 of which were required).  We are very proud of him and I am very thankful to have a husband who knows what to do with all of this scout stuff.  Our goal is for Trace to have his Eagle by the time he turns 14.  Tate will have just turned 8 and will be starting Cub Scouts.  I only want to do one scouter at a time.