Saturday, January 26, 2008

Two other members of our family...

I realized that I have failed to introduce the other two members of our family.  Riley is the yellow lab mix that obviously had trouble adjusting when Rocco, our Shih-tzu mix, came into our family.   Riley is known for needing lots of attention and constantly wanting treats.  He will just sit at the pantry door all day and wait patiently for me to give him one.  Rocco is known for running the neighborhood.  The kids like to say he is in a gang because he hangs out with 4 other dogs on our street, most of them being 3 times his size.  He is definitely the neighborhood welcoming committee, most new move ins know him before they know us.  Unfortunately last spring he also killed a couple of our neighbors chickens which we replaced with rotisserie chickens from Costco.  Anyway, we love our dogs and appreciate our family and friends who put up with them.