Friday, March 28, 2008


Today was crazy hair day at the elementary school.  Taylor's friend Amanda came over at 7 this morning so they could coordinate their hairdos.  Even Tate got in on the action.  I was amazed that when I sprayed their hair with color, the smell took me back to being a punk rocker for Halloween in the 6th grade.  I guess they haven't changed their formula for the past 20+ years. Wow, I'm old!


janet said...

I love blue cool...and the hand signs really make the look. Crazy hair indeed!

echecchio said...

they look so great! I love that they have crazy hair day at fair! I think that is so cute that they got together to coordinate it too, Libby and I used to do stuff like that. Did you add a little blue to your do?

Joey said...

Crazy hair indeed! I miss the chitlens.

My poem s 100% original. I do love steven. You should check out this vid if you have ten minutes to burn.

Love joey