Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

Our holiday started Sunday night with pumpkin carving.  Here's a little known fact about me - I love to carve pumpkins.  It is the one artistic thing I enjoy doing.  Wednesday the kids went to the Ward carnival with the Mortensens, I was home sick, yuck. Friday began with the elementary school costume parade, then trick-0r-treating at Omniture, and finally neighborhood trick-or-treating.  The kids came home with quite a haul.  I'll give them a few days to enjoy it and then offer to buy their candy for a nominal fee.  They usually go for it.  No more wrappers on the floor and no more cheating on my diet!


Michele said...

Trace scared me when I opened the door.....that is a good make up job!! Creepy, stringy beard too!

Lizzie and James said...
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Lizzie and James said...

First of all Trace is frightening! And the other two are adorable. I had no idea you liked carving pumpkins. I guess I should have known seeing how they turned out. They put my pumpkins to shame.
On a funny note, James says punkins....isn't that wierd.