Monday, February 8, 2010

Way too fast!

I am a terrible blogger (Trace's birthday was on 12.31.09.), but an even worse mother! I did not take 1 picture of Trace on his 14th birthday! So I found one from when he turned 4. Where has the time gone!? We are so grateful for Trace in our family. Here's a blow by blow of his day.

- Rudely awakened and treated to breakfast at IHOP with his loving family.
- New bedroom furniture delivered & set up - birthday gift!
- Visit with Grandma & Grandpa Checchio.
- Sherlock Homes with Mitch & Barnes.
- All Nighter with a great group of friends, pizza, movies, treats!
- Bleary eyed breakfast at IHOP
- Back to Bed!


Jen said...

Sounds like a pretty fun day! Did I read it right, IHOP twice?!?
I can't believe how quickly it's gone either - I remember him screaming bloody-murder when I came to babysit him when you lived in Layton until I got the Toy Story video going...

Lizzie and James said...

Wow, it is wierd to think about him back then. Seems like forever ago, and yesterday at the same time. Its funny, this picture reminds me of Miles....of course Trace's hair is actually brushed and cut appropriately, but something about it. We miss you guys. oxox