Monday, September 20, 2010

A running summer...literally

The finish line at Bear Lake with Stephanie in the background
A sampling of our swag from the races + my worn out running shoes
Tate's t-shirt verifying that over the summer he ran 26.2 miles=a marathon!

So this summer we did a lot of running around.
I will try to remember all that we did.
Bill's Scout Camp
Amy runs Bear Lake Half Marathon with Stephanie (2:34)
Tate's Running Group ~ every Tuesday & Thursday all summer
Trace's Scout Camp
Bill's business trip to Japan
Bill & Grandpa Checchio's fishing trip to Florida
Amy, Trace, Taylor, & Tate run the Freedom Festival 5K ~ breakfast at IHOP
Annual cul-de-sac of FIRE!
Taylor's first Girls Camp ~ which she loved!
Taylor's trip to Texas to visit her friend Elle
Trace's first EFY ~ which he loved!
Amy runs Pioneer Day Classic 10K (1:03)
Team INGRAM runs the Highland West Stake 5K ~ breakfast at Denny's
Tate's soccer camp
Team INGRAM runs the Highland Fling 5K ~ breakfast at IHOP
*Taylor takes 2nd place in her age group & Tate takes 3rd
Neighborhood day at 7Peaks Waterpark
Family adventure at Lagoon
First day of school ~ pictures on future post
17 year wedding anniversary
We had a lot of fun, playing, relaxing, and making memories. We are so BLESSED ~ seriously!