Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2 ~ Tour of Tokyo

Before our dinner even started...worn right out!
Kids taking in the view.
View of Tokyo from Roppongi Observatory.
More Tokyo.
Enjoying a Beard Papa ~ cream puff in Shibuya Station.
Our yummy lunch.
In front of the Hachiko statue.
In front of the Meiji Shrine.
Traditional Japanese wedding party.
Part of Meiji Shrine.
A lantern along the path to the Meiji Shrine.
The nuclear power protest march.
The bridge to the Imperial Palace.
The ancient Japanese garden is surrounded by the modern city.

Beautiful wisteria.
Our delicious sushi snack ~ everyone tried some, Tate & Taylor were not huge fans.
Fish for sale.
Buckets of Octopus.
A huge frozen tuna being butchered.
Entry into the Fish Market.
An old Japanese couple worshiping at a Shinto Shrine.

Today we toured in style with a private guide and car. We went to the Tsukiji fish market, devoured the freshest sushi ever, worshipped at a couple of Shinto Shrines, toured an old Japanese garden, enjoyed a delicious yabisoba noodle lunch, witnessed a protest against nuclear power, visited Shibuya Crossing ~ 2.1 million people go through this train station everyday, saw a traditional Japanese wedding party, and went to the top of the Roppongi Observatory ~ 55 stories high, and ended the night with a delicious grilled japanese style dinner.


janet said...

Wow! Rocco and I are worn out just reading about your busy second day. How very fascinating everything must be. Can't wait to see the adventures of the third day. Love to you all.