Sunday, July 3, 2011

Japan Day 3

Fresh produce at the farmers market.

Hanging in the subway.

Yummy peaches.

Trace showing off his moves.

A man and his monkey ~ don't they look alike?

Yummy Jojuen dinner.

Probably wouldn't be a big seller in Highland.

Costco lovers unite!

Harajuku park.

Dancing Elvi ~ they were called the Lebels. We assume they mean Rebels.

Crazy Takeshita Street ~ seriously that was the name of the street!

Taylor's first modeling job.

Our third day in Japan consisted of trains, taxis, buses, & subways. The kids are becoming masters of mass transit! First we happened upon a farmers market just outside our hotel room. We bought some peaches that were delicious. Then we went in search of Costco in Kawasaki. It was quite an experience. The parking complex was 4 stories high, people took an escalator with their shopping carts back to their cars. The products in Costco were both strange and familiar. Then we spent the afternoon in Harajuku. This is a section of Tokyo were the eccentrics come. We saw dancing Elvi and a few teenagers dressed up as their favorite anime characters. There was even a man with a monkey! A local man asked Taylor if he could take her picture because she was so beautiful. She was thrilled and a little creeped out, mostly thrilled! The big hit of the day was when a man grabbed Trace to join him dancing in a drum circle. Trace did it! You can find the video on Bill's Facebook page. The evening ended with dinner at a Jojuen restaurant ~ you grill your own meat. Very yummy!