Friday, July 1, 2011

Tokyo ~ Japan Day 1

Our best karate poses in the hotel supplied kimonos.
Interesting architecture near our hotel.
Cute school girls in line for the ferris wheel.
A picture of a do not take picture sign ~ we are such rebels!
Italian Gelato in triangle cones.

The giant ferris wheel we rode ~ 345 feet tall!

We arrived at the Westin Tokyo after a very long, but pleasant flight and subsequent bus ride, Thursday evening. Friday morning arrived early ~ about 4:30 am. After a good workout and yummy breakfast, we were ready for the day by 8:30. Amy, Auntie Jen, and the kids toured around the hotel while Bill worked in the morning. The afternoon was spent in the resort community of Daiba. We enjoyed Toyota town, a giant ferris wheel, and a massive arcade. The ride back to the hotel was an authentic Japanese subway experience ~ think no personal space + body odor. Our favorite engrish of the day ~ smoking is prhibited ~ vowels are clearly overrated!


janet said...

Happy to know the flight was pleasant and that all went well. Looks like the first day was great. I am excited to check the daily adventures. Rocco and I are enjoying a spectacular, quiet morning in Midway. Daddy is fishing. Love to everyone.

Stephanie said...

I am jealous beyond words!!! Speaking from experience... while riding the subway in the evening protect your ta ta's!!!