Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 4 ~ London

Not the London Temple, but the Hyde Park Chapel, whoops...

The damaged wall of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Lunching at a charming french bakery

In front of Buckingham Palace

Leftover Queens Jubilee decoration

Passing the time at the London City airport

Today was our last day in London and it was rainy and windy. We spent the morning at the science museum. It was 5 floors of everything from models of the first steam engine to a depiction of the Apollo 11 space shuttle. The most exciting part of the day was when Trace and Taylor decided to break free from the pack and sent me into a near nervous breakdown. Bill, Tate and I spent 45 minutes trying to find them and in the end had their names announced over the loud speaker. We then found ourselves down the street from the London temple, which has such interesting architecture - very different from the temples we are used to. There was a quick break in the weather so we walked though Green Park and made our way to the Palace grounds, or as close as they would let us get. They are still cleaning up from the jubilee celebration. We are off to Scotland this evening! By the way, I have adopted a mantra for the rest of this adventure... Keep calm & carry on! - used by the British Government during WW II.


J Shepherd Family said...

Relax and enjoy - but keep your kids close!

janet said...

Keep calm and carry on...easier said than done when you can't find your children! Can't wait to hear about Scotland. Love to you all