Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 15 ~ Barcelona

Building castles and seeing whose will last the longest

The pillowcase towels we borrowed from the maid cart ;-)

Fun in the ocean

Lifeguard tower

Eating our spoils from the market

Meat & Cheese

The local farmers market just minutes from our hotel

Fresh herbs

Gummy candies in every imaginable shape

We began our day at the farmers market and found delicious fresh fruit, pastries, and sweets to take to the beach with us. Everything looked delicious, except for maybe the sheep heads with eyeballs intact that followed you when you walked by. We also took in the Picasso Museum, which was bizarre, I am not cultured enough to appreciate it. We then went to the beach, what Tate had been waiting for since we arrived. It was a beautiful afternoon and Tate was in the water for about 4 1/2 hours. He only came out because everyone was ready to eat dinner. Bill, Trace, and Tate all swam out to a buoy that make the edge of the man made reef. Bill had tried to be sneaky and resourceful and grabbed a couple of 'sheets' from the maids cart. When we went to spread them out, they ended up being square pillowcases. We laughed pretty hard, another fun memory. The pillowcases got the job done - we did return them to the cart the next morning.


Jen said...

did Bill sneak extra toiletries from the maid cart too? ;o)