Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 18 ~ Paris

Quaint Parisian architecture

Walking the streets of Paris

Notre Dame

The choir in La Madeleine

Taylor in the dark spiral staircase at Sacred Heart

The view of Paris from the top of Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Basilica

Today we made our way to the Sacred Heart Basilica - 850 years old. We walked up 513 steps to get to the very top. The view was amazing and well worth the effort. We stopped by a cafe and tried escargot for lunch. Everyone but Tate tried it, not my favorite at all. We walked back down to the city center and went into La Madeleine Church. To our delight their choir was putting on a performance, an angelic musical experience. We made our way by tour bus to Notre Dame where they were performing a mass. My grandma Rose must have been smiling in heaven!