Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 2 ~ London

 London Tower Bridge

 Tate practicing his sentry skills

 Peek of London Tower Bridge from London Tower

 London Tower

 Lucky Ducks who live in the Palace Garden

 Part of the changing of the Guard

White Palace

 Royal Albert Hall

Prince Albert Memorial

English Fish & Chips for lunch

Our day started bright and early...2 am for the kids and 5 am for Bill and I.  We spent the day with our guide Jeremy.  He drove us all around London and took us to some of the highlights.  One of the places we went was Westminster Abbey ( pictures were not permitted ).  We walked over the tombs of Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin, along with many others.  We saw the changing of the Royal Guard, ate authentic fish & chips, and saw Medieval weaponry and armor at the London Tower.  We also saw the crown jewels which include a 500 carat diamond in Queen Elizabeth's II scepter.  We were so grateful the weather cooperated, we have our fingers crossed for another beautiful day tomorrow!


janet said...

Fish and chips...that's better...I could not believe that the first night you went to an Italian place...Italian when you could have had British...whatever was wrong with you? Jet lag I guess. Love you