Monday, February 18, 2008

Piano Solos

Taylor participated in her piano solo recital today.  She played two memorized pieces and was judged by members of the Utah Federation of Music Clubs.  She did a great job and was given a SUPERIOR score!  We are so proud of her and love to hear her play.  


echecchio said...

Ok, so she looks so beautiful in this picture! Congrats to her on the superior should record her playing so we all get to enjoy! love to you all

janet said...

That was wonderful!!! Well, actually, it was superior!!! I love you and know that Grandpa Checchio is happy that you are learning to play the piano!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Taylor Rose!

echecchio said...

Yeah! I loved watching that. She did awesome! Thanks for putting up the video, its so fun to see her in action! love you!
(sorry for the excessive amount of exclamation points)