Tuesday, April 1, 2008

All about me...

I was tagged by my sister that I had to list 10 lesser known things about myself, here goes:

1. I love talk radio especially when it comes to politics.  I think I count it as my adult conversation for the day.

2. I hate cottage cheese - it's a texture thing.

3. I love clean sheets! I would put new sheets on my bed everyday if I could.

4. New socks are also a favorite of mine.

5. I have really large big toes.  When we were first married Bill offered to paint my toenails, but said he needed a paint roller to do my big toe nail.

6. I have a mole on my face that a hair grows out of - I know GROSS!  Taylor Rose loves it though and is always disappointed when I pluck it - I know WEIRD!

7. I have never received a speeding ticket. (knock on wood)

8. Everything in my day is scheduled by the clock in my head.  Like now - I have given myself 15 minutes to finish this post.

9. The first thing I wash in the shower is my hair.  Bill thinks this is weird because he washes his body first and his hair last.  What do you do?

10.  I would go back and grow up all over again.  I had/have a really great life!

All done with 2 minutes to spare!


echecchio said...

Socks are a big fav of mine too. James wants them washed first...isn't that wierd. So I wear his once before he does. And that toe story was hilarious. I will have to check those puppies out in La Jolla.

janet said...

Grandpa would have had clean sheets everyday...even new sheets. It made me tear up a bit when you said you would go back and live your life all over again. I would too. Love you

lara said...

I definitely wash my hair first and then leave the conditioner in until the very end (I think in the hopes that it will somehow tame my very very frizzy hair). And I wish so bad I could have clean sheets everyday, somehow even though it is against the rules someone manages to eat in my bed and leave lots and lots of crumbs! So icky!

Michele said...

I wash my hair first too!! I also leave my conditioner in until the end. Girls rule, Boys drool!