Sunday, July 20, 2008


Lara's shooting school
Trace patiently trying to master fly-fishing
Tate's fish
 Yes I was actually there!
After a two year hiatus we returned to the camping world this weekend.   The Winders found a beautiful spot near Huntington Reservior - just outside of Fairview. We joined them and the Mortensons  on Thursday evening .  We went fishing, played games, hunted night crawlers, made the best smores ever, went shooting, and got really DIRTY!!  I would be a happier camper if it wasn't for all the dirt! - I always have my trusted Lysol bottle strapped to my hip.  I don't think we will let another 2 years go by before we go again, it really was a lot of fun.  Now I get to finish doing all the "smokey" laundry.


echecchio said...

I love the token picture of half of your face! (did Mom take it for you...hee hee)
Sounds like a fun trip, I agree....I don't like getting dirty AT ALL! But I love being outside. I think I have made Miles a little skittish of dirt since I am constantly wiping his hands off at the park.

janet said...

Hey...what is that comment above..."A mom picture"?...? I don't leave off the bottom part of the face, only the top! Sounds like you all had a marvelous time. With all those families and kids it must have been a blast. Love to you...