Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Family Photo Shoot

After many failed attempts to post pictures from our photo session, I will just post the link instead.  Please let me know  your favorites!
enter site
Amy Ingram Family 10/08/08


Michele said...

I just viewed your favorites on their website and loved all of them.....good luck choosing!!

echecchio said...

I loved all you photos! You look incredible. Super skinny, and I love the color you are wearing.
You had a great photographer, a lot f the pictures turned out, and I thought that they were staged really well. I love the ones where you are all looking at eachother with the sun behind you.

Alison said...

My favorites are 24, 26 and 36. I would ask about getting the what appears to be stripes on your pants, but is really grass, photoshop'd off of photo 26. (How is that for an opinion... so bossy!)

They are all amazing. And I love the ones of the three kids... All are awesome!