Friday, February 13, 2009

Science Fair, Braces, & Influenza

Thursday was a busy day. It was the 5th grade Science Fair. Taylor did her project on what can help stinky feet (which she unfortunately inherited from my Dad). It turns out that rubbing your feet with lemon juice is the best remedy. Then Taylor went to Dr. Gee and got her braces. She LOVES them, it helps that a few of her friends have them. She has pink and green bands and is so excited to switch her colors every month. She also has a widening device on her lower jaw. Her mouth is full of contraptions! The influenza comes from Tate. He complained of a headache, which became severe and then had a fever of 103. I took him to the after hours clinic and they swabbed his nose and tested for the actual FLU. It was positive. He cannot go to school for a week and needs lots of liquids and rest. He is still running a small fever even with medication. He is feeling pretty miserable, but fortunately for me, is not a big complainer. Now all I have to do is continually wipe down my house with anti-bac stuff in hopes no one else gets infected. We will be getting our FLU shots next year!


janet said...

Taylor, you look beautiful!!! The pink and the green are so delightful...a lovely choice...just lovely. Tate, I am so sorry. Feel better soon. Trace, what's up with you? Love to all. xoxoxo

Jen said...

so much going on! braces are super fun - i even had them 3 times, they were so fun! ;o)
sorry tate's sick - but DON'T get the flu shot - it's no good. just be sure they wash their hands more next season.
LOVE the science project!!!

Lizzie and James said...

I LOVE Taylor in her braces. She looks so darn cute (as usual) And it is nice to know what to do about my stinky those from good old Joe too :)
Poor little Tate, I am sorry that he is sick. I was wary when they wanted to give Miles a flu shot this year, but when his little buddies got it, I was so relieved. Its so sad when they are sick.