Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pathetic, I know...

My American Idol Top 5

Allison Iraheta
Has talent, but seems too 'weathered' for only being 16 years old.

Adam Lambert
A real 'artist', but I cannot like him based on my no crazies principle.

Lil' Rounds
Has tremendous talent, I just don't care for her style of music.

Danny Gokey
Used to be my #1, but sings every song the same way, needs to switch things up.

Kris Allen
Love Him! Has originality, talent, and stage swagger!
As for the rest of last night's performances : Scott's was the best for him so far, I still think the pity vote will wear off soon and somebody has got to tell him to wear sunglasses. Megan was AWFUL! I hope she goes tonight. Anup sang well but I just find his performances boring. Matt was okay, but I think forgettable just like he was last week. I know that a woman in her mid-thirties SHOULD have something better to do than handicap a reality t.v. competition, but I don't! Let me know what you think.


Stephanie said...

I think that I pretty well agree with you, however I haven't watched last nights show yet! Your not pathetic! Your hip and in the know with what everyone else in the country is talking about. It's like water cooler talk for stay at home moms!

Lizzie and James said...

O, we LOVE Kris too! I wish he didn't spell his name like a girl. I think that the 16 yr old is a definite dark horse, and that Lil' has just got to go. I still love Matt, and don't want to see him leave!

Michele said...

Tom and I laughed out loud. Tom said he couldn't agree more about Scott but doesn't think Lil deserves top 5. And he thinks your number one guy is good but wonders if he has a lisp. I still love Danny Gokey. I agree that he sounds the same every week but I still love him (his wife died in surgery from a heart defect, how can he NOT be my fav?!) This is one of the best Idols in a long time, one of my favorite shows to watch every week!

Jen said...

Wait... is this really Amy posting???? or Taylor Rose???? ;o)

Laurie said...

Those are all great pics.

I featured your teacher appreciation door over on Tip Junkie. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

The Coopers said...

Danny's #2????? JK. :) I totally understand. My top three? Adam, Kris, and Danny. The men are definitely kicking butt this season...See you at boot camp!!!