Thursday, July 7, 2011

Japan Day 6

The bullet train.
My delicious sushi lunch.
Tate and I drinking from the purified fountain at the Kiyomizu temple.
The veranda of Kiyomizu Temple.
A Japanese pagoda.
Often we had to remove our shoes and wear slippers ~ don't Bill's feet look dainty?
This is a painting on the ceiling of Nijo caslte.
The gang at the entrance to Nijo castle.
The Golden Pavilion

Today we enjoyed the city of Kyoto. We started the day taking the Shinkansen ~ bullet train. This train goes about 200 miles per hour. When we arrived we met our guide Akira and began our tour. We saw the Golden Pavilion (the top 2 levels are gold leaf), Nijo castle, Sanjusangendo (hundreds of buddhas are kept there), Kiyomizu Temple, and a zen temple established in 1202.