Thursday, July 7, 2011

Japan Day 7

Walking into a cloud as we arrived at Mt. Fuji.
Trace modeling a traditional rice patty hat.
The view from our hike.
Our mountain hut lunch.
The lavender flower garden.
The garden outside the Kimono museum.
A trout in a clear spring pond.
Our relaxing hot spring foot bath.
Enjoying some strawberry sorbet.
Jen brought her GPS watch. This is the satellite image of our travels.

Today our destination was Mt. Fuji. We met our guide Kuaru and drove up to the 5th station (the furthest a car can take you). It was a very foggy and damp day, so we never were able to see the top of the mountain. We did enjoy a hike, lunch at a mountain hut, a kimono museum, several nautral mountain springs, a flower garden, and a hot foot bath.