Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 11 ~ Rome

 A car just Tate's size

 In front of the Colosseum

Sunset in Rome

Today we had a rare morning to sleep in, hurray!  In the afternoon we went into the city center and caught our sight seeing bus.  We hopped off at a shopping district and enjoyed walking up and down the streets.  There were churches and monuments around every bend.  It was another beautiful day, a nice change from our previous drizzly weather.  I would like to take a moment to say how CRAZY the drivers are here!  It is a wonder there aren't more reports of tourist deaths due to automobiles.  There aren't any lines painted on the roads to indicate lanes, basically as many cars, motorcycles and scooters that can fit in the space can drive along side of each other.  I don't believe there are laws about complete stops, pedestrian right of way or making way for ambulances.  It is just every vehicle for itself.  Truly crazier than any other transportation experience we have had thus far.  Trace of course believes he could get a motorcycle and navigate his way around the city without any problem.