Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 12 ~ Rome

The kids throwing their coins into Trevi fountain

In front of Trevi fountain
The front of the Pantheon
Inside of the Pantheon

The roof of the Pantheon where this hole is the only source of light for the whole building

Outdoor cafe dining

A military band we came across near the Spanish steps

Climbing the steps of the interior of the Colosseum

The interior of the Colosseum with the basement exposed

We visited the catacombs at St. Sebastian dating back to the 1st Century AD

An exhumed catacomb - creepy & cool

Through the keyhole of Orange park, you can see across the city to St. Peters Basilica
The ruins of the Roman Forum

We spent the day with a guide touring many of the sights of Rome. We began at Trevi fountain, which is a natural fountain that an artist sculpted around. It is not the fountain from the movie "When in Rome" - that fountain doesn't exist in really life. It is said that if you throw a coin over your left shoulder you will one day return to Rome. We visited the Pantheon, which is the largest domed building in Rome (St. Peters is the tallest) In the middle of the roof is a large opening which provides the light for the whole building. They even have drains in the floor for when it rains. We visited the Colleseum, where blood and gore were entertainment. We visited the catacombs at St. Sebastian which was amazing. One could get lost in the maze of graves. They dated back to the 1st Century BC. In the church above there is a monument dedicated to footprints that are said to be of the resurrected Christ. We also drove on the most ancient road in Rome which dates back to the 1st century BC. We wound our over to the remains of the Roman Forum. What an experience to be surrounded by so many ancient things. This makes northern Europe seem "new"!