Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 9 ~ Rome

Gelato in Rome!

I mentioned at the end of my last post that we are without our laundry.  I should explain...
In order to get from Munich to Rome, we had a connection in Vienna, Austria.  We had only 30 minutes to make our connection.  As with all our inter-country airport experiences here in Europe, the plane de-boards on the tarmac and you are bussed back to the terminal.  We were dropped off at gate #1 and had to get to #33.  We were walking as fast as we could, but when we heard our names announced in a Austrian accent, we broke out into a full sprint!  We made the flight, but were not at all surprised when we landed in Rome that we left the baggage carousel empty handed.  We did make it to our hotel, had real pizza for dinner, and walked the city long enough to get a gelato. Great news though, our bags are being delivered any minute!  We are having a full travel experience.


Jen said...

so jealous!!