Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 8 ~ Salzburg

Bill driving on a rainy Autobahn - very focused

 The peak of Kehlsteinhaus Mountain

 The sign outside the Eagle's Nest conference room

 What Bill & Trace had for lunch - pork knuckle

 Architecture of the villages in Salzburg

 The palace where some of the Sound of Music exterior scenes were shot

 The famous Gazebo of 16 going on 17

 The tree lined lane where the Captain didn't recognize his children hanging from the branches

 Tate donning his new Austrian hat.  He is planning on wearing it fly fishing with Grandpa

 The boathouse and dock

 More quaint store fronts

 The church where Maria and the Captain were married

 Bill & I doing laundry at about 10:00 pm
The German instructions for using the machines.  
We only thought about using google translate AFTER we figured it out!

As I mentioned before, Bill chose to rent a car in Munich so he could drive on the Autobahn.  He was so excited until we were assigned a BMW 5 series STATION WAGON!  We laughed pretty hard.  We were finally able to get on the road after spending about 20 minutes figuring out how to get the GPS to speak English.  It didn't take Bill long to get comfortable with the no speed limit situation.  Our second day in Germany was actually spent in Salzburg, Austria.  We spent the day with our guide Peter touring the Eagle's nest - Hitler's famous mountain retreat and the many sites of the making of the Sound of Music.  Today the Eagle's nest is used as a tourist attraction complete with a restaurant.  It was eery to be in the same rooms that Hitler and his cohorts used to plan some of their strategy.  The original elevator is still used to get tourists to the living quarters. After leaving the Eagle's nest we enjoyed a traditional German meal in a neighboring town.  We walked the streets admiring the charming architecture and eating some delicious apple strudel.  We also saw much of the countryside as we toured the sights of the Sound of Music.  We even listened to the CD as we drove and sang along.  (Taylor and Tate are watching the movie as I post this)  Our day came to a late end as Bill and I went on a laundry adventure!  Good news we have clean clothes...too bad we don't have them with us!